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American Doll Girl

18 Inch Doll Ava18 Inch Doll Ava
Ava Ready for Run [Visit Product Page]
    18 Inch Doll Chloe18 Inch Doll Chloe
Chloe Ready for Run [Visit Product Page]
    18 Inch Doll Lily18 Inch Doll Lily
Lily Ready for Run [Visit Product Page]
    18 Inch Doll Abigail18 Inch Doll Abigail
Abigail Ready for Run [Visit Product Page]
    18 Inch Doll Emily18 Inch Doll Emily
Emily Ready for Run [Visit Product Page]

Are you looking for a pretty and elegant American doll girl? Do not worry where to find one, because Paradise Galleries is here to give you the most charming and amazing collections of different American doll girls.

Browse in our gallery of dolls now and find yourself amazed by the beauty of our different American dolls. Each doll is carefully sculpted and painted to perfection with faces that are delicate and feminine.

Dolls are such wonderful presents and toys for children especially for little girls and adults. They are fun to play with, fix their hair, and change their clothes to different fashions. Dolls have proved to be great playthings for everyone, but sometimes we tend to feel tired seeing the same dolls over and over again. Little girls feel the same way as well. Why not try to find a unique doll that can be played with so many times but is hard to get fed up with, like an American doll girl?

Paradise Galleries is pleased to present you our wide selection of American doll girls from the “Tender Heart Girls” collection. The collection includes adorable little girls such as Sophia, a blonde beauty, Emma, a brown haired cute little girl, Isabella, an African American and Olivia, a cute little Asian girl. These cuties will just warm your heart andcome with their own puppies that they truly love to take care of! Plus!

If you and your girl are feeling groovy and stylish, why not try getting the fun and wonderful The Groovy Collection? It is a lovely tribute to the wonderful, colorful and quite rebellious era of the sixties. The pretty blonde beauty can be dressed with three different outfits that best represent this stylish era. Your girl will surely enjoy its unique fashion. There is also the very graceful The Starlet Collection. A beautiful brunette doll with an elegant hairdo can be dressed in three outfits that are trademarks of the glamorous and Classic Hollywood like the white pleated dress of Marilyn Monroe or a likeness of Holly Golightly’s elegant black dress. They will surely catch a lot of attentions and praises.

With any of these wonderfully crafted dolls, you will never get tired of seeing them again and again. With our dolls’ quality and affordable price, there is no better American doll girl than Paradise Galleries’. So what are you waiting for? Your very own American doll girlis here, just waiting for you!