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all american doll


All American Doll

Do you find it difficult searching for an all American doll? Trying to find one would prove a really hard task especially when what you want to have is an enchanting kind of American doll or a wide selection to choose from, different designs, styles and characters of the dolls, really exquisite and authentic costumes, affordable price and of course the great quality. Now that kind of American doll sounds so perfect that it is nearly impossible to find one. But worry not now, because there is one place where you can have a great selection of an all American doll of different sizes and kinds.

Paradise Galleries is so pleased to introduce to you our breathtaking collection of our all American dolls. We have every kind so be assured that you will certainly find the one for you right here, everything from American baby dolls, fashion dolls, toddler dolls and so many more for you to choose from!

Let yourself be charmed by the girls of our very own “Tender Heart Girls’ collection. They are girl dolls with such tender hearts that love and care for everyone especially their pets! Meet Sophia, a Tender Heart blonde beauty dressed in light blue leggings with a ¾ length hot pink shirt that is topped off with a cropped denim jacket. There is a triple heart appliqué on her jacket that lets us know that she is a tender Heart and definitely take a good care of her lovable little puppy! There is also Emma, a brunette cutie dressed in denim jeans and an olive and lime green stripped shirt embroidered with an orange heart. She comes with a white little puppy that she loves to take walks with! Tender Hearts collection also includes Jr. Girl Scouts and Brownies and different costumes to make playtime more fun! Just recently, an additional outfit has been introduced – the official “Tender Heart” dolly Night gown and Robe set to your collection…complete with furry white slippers!

Or for fun and unique collectible dolls, there are also our “Penny Brite” dolls! Be drunk in the enchanting beauty and endearing cuteness of our American fairytale dolls such as Penny Brite Alice In Wonderland doll, a bright faced girl costumed in a blue and white dress with a black ribbon just like her fairytale friend. Penny Brite dolls also include Tinker Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Pochaontas, Rapunzel and Red Riding Hood.

There are also our African American and modern dolls in different types for you to choose from. Destiny, a pretty and charming African American doll costumed in a Victorian ensemble with the sage green dress with floral embroidered sheer overlay, parasol, ribbons and a pretty pair of shoes is only a fine example.

American dolls are everywhere but real all American doll can only be found right here, in Paradise Galleries. So go now in our gallery and see the perfect American doll for you!