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African American Reborn Dolls

Are you looking for a very realistic African American reborn doll that has remarkable features and a realistic face? We know how difficult it is finding one, look no further, we have them right here at Paradise Galleries!

Many people love collecting or having a realistic baby doll with lifelike features that proves to be truly heartwarming and moving, especially a good reborn baby doll. But before having a beautiful African American reborn doll, you have to have a good baby doll that is suitable for reborning first. Not all baby dolls are good for reborning but Paradise Galleries is here to make your task of finding one much easier!

Paradise Galleries has been the leader in making high quality baby dolls of different kinds to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences, like angel dolls, boy dolls, African American dolls, Asian baby dolls and now dolls for reborning! All of our baby dolls are made of high quality materials like our Gentle Touch vinyl and a soft cloth body. A Paradise baby doll is also designed and crafted artistically by our dedicated and passionate doll artist, so you can be sure that its durability and beauty will last for a very long time.

Among our collection is the truly realistic African American reborn doll, the sweet little Baby Rihanna and she is truly made for reborning! Baby Rihanna, with her very expressive brown eyes and silky black hair, she is one perfect beauty! Costumed in a dainty, pretty jersey knit one piece with rose prints, she sure is ready to cuddle softly with you! Her hair is adorned with a matching lace headband accented with a little pale pink ribbon, and she also has a bib with a musical chip that can play the “Rock-A-Bye Baby” lullaby! She has warm and healthy glowing skin that is just the perfect color, with some faint blush on her soft looking cheeks. Her lips are slightly turned down giving her an innocently wondering look, the perfect look for a baby!

Baby Rihanna is made of a high quality vinyl and has a weighted cloth body so she does not only look like a real baby but she feels like one as well! With this babies truly lifelike features, she is the perfect doll for reborning!

Paradise baby dolls do not only command attention everywhere, they are also very affordable! So what are you waiting for? Come now to Paradise Galleries to get your own remarkable African American reborn doll, because here is the true home of the most unforgettable baby dolls to cherish.