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African American Dolls


Looking for African American dolls? Paradise Galleries has precisely what you are searching for. For close to 2 two decades, our company has been bringing high quality handmade dolls to doll lovers around the globe. We offer the best dolls on the market and have the widest selection of play dolls, fashion dolls, baby dolls, life-like babies, angels, fairies, and brides to choose from.




We have famous names such as Whispering Willows, Kewpie, Marie Osmond, and Penny Brite. Our array of multicultural dolls is the largest in the industry and we are proud to offer exotic beauties such as African American dolls, Hispanic dolls, Asian dolls, Canadian dolls, Native American dolls, and even dolls from the Hungarian culture.


Our selection of multicultural dolls includes Native American beauties such as Raven Princess and Namid. We also have fun-loving Hispanic collector dolls with adorable names like Feliz Quinceanera, Cheyenne, and Pamela Columbia. Our selection of African American dolls is the largest on the market and includes irresistible beauties such as Isabella, Tyra, Baby Kymberli, Ava, and Destiny. We even have Asian beauties that capture the mysteries of the Orient with names like Mei Lin, Chun Mei, Jada, and Kiki June. Just like all of our dolls, these multicultural beauties are fine creations made by the hands of the most talented artists in the industry.


All Paradise dolls come with the “Paradise Promise”, which is our promise to each of our customers that their doll will bring them nothing but 100% satisfactions and delight. How are we able to maintain this promise with the delivery of each and every doll? It’s simple – we have the highest acceptance criteria in the industry. Dolls that are included in the Paradise gallery must first surpass our rigid standards. This is why a Paradise doll is more than just an adorable play doll or beautiful collector doll. Instead our dolls are known to be heirloom dolls that can be passed on from generation to generation. When you open a Paradise doll, you are opening a box containing timeless memories and joy. So, whether you are looking for an adorable play doll, or rare Native American or African American dolls, our gallery is the only place you need to look.


Paradise Galleries has fellow doll lovers standing by to assist you with your order. They would also be delighted to just ‘talk doll’ with you as well. Give us a call or visit our gallery and see for yourself how wonderful our dolls are – and how many we have to choose from! We look forward to serving you today!