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African American Dolls for Girls

Are you looking for the best African American dolls to give to your little girls? There may be so many African American dolls everywhere but if you are looking for a beautifully crafted doll with beautiful, feminine and dainty features, charming face, and exquisite costumes with different themes and designs that are like no other, then you should go no further because you are in the right place. Paradise Galleries has everything that you are looking for!

May it be an African American baby doll you are searching for or one dressed in a dainty period costume, we guarantee you that you will be completely satisfied with a Paradise African American doll! With the choices alone, you will find yourself charmed and amazed by the extraordinary selection with so many kinds to suit any taste. A Paradise African American doll is proven to be remarkable and incomparable with the healthy glow in its skin with the charming blush in the cheeks, the sweet and small mouth and the seemingly twinkling eyes. The dolls’ hair is soft and feels really natural that only adds to their cuteness.

A fine and pretty example is the very endearing Baby Kymberli! Just let yourself be charmed by this blooming little beauty in pink the moment you put your eyes on her. Baby Kymberli is a charming brown eyed beauty with cute and curly brown hair and blushed cheeks. She is dressed in a dainty outfit that consists of a pale pink sheer dress with exquisite embroidery details with a coordinating sweater and an elegant shiny patent shoes and white lace trimmed anklets. Baby Kymberli is surely ready to be admired and command attention!

For doll collectors that love beautiful dolls, we have Destiny, which is certainly irresistible for anyone who sees her. Destiny is a one of a kind African American doll outfitted in a very beautiful and elegant ensemble of a Victorian styled sage green dress with floral embroidered sheer overlay with a matching bow for her hair and a dainty parasol to complete her princessy outfit! Destiny has a beautiful black curls and exquisitely beautiful eyes along with her blushed cheeks and a very sweet smile on her face. She will certainly add an air of elegance in every doll collection she is to be in!

For more adorable African American babies, we also have the cutie Baby Rhianna clad in tiny rose print, jersey knit one-piece and a cute coordinating headband. She has her own music chip that plays the song "Rock-A-Bye Baby" tucked gently inside her bib.

Only here at Paradise Galleries that you will find such a huge collection of beautiful and heartwarming African American dolls. High quality and very affordable prices are also guaranteed, so what are you waiting for, call us and choose your perfect doll now!