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African American Doll

black dolls

Paradise Galleries is excited to introduce our African American Doll Collection composed of GiggleTime Baby, Going to Grandma’s, Cupcake and the cutest and Top Selling Baby Kione. These cute babies have realistic and lifelike features resembling reborn babies. They are lovingly handcrafted and exquisitely hand painted with so much attention to even to the smallest details. We are sure that black doll enthusiasts will be delighted with their beautiful hand set brown eyes, gorgeous soft black curls, dark coco vinyl skin for their head and limbs, weighted soft cloth body for the most lifelike feel, cute faces and adorable little hands and feet.

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Make any two year old happy with GiggleTime Baby, created perfectly to be enjoyed by toddlers ages 2+ years. Adora GiggleTime™ babies are very huggable and comes with a sound mechanism so you hear their most delightful “giggles”! At just over 16 ounces, Giggle Time™ babies are easy to take along in their very own baby carrier. You will adore them from their little button noses . . . to their tiny little hands and feet. Each handmade doll with open and close eyes is created in our exclusive, lightly baby powder scented Gentle Touch™ vinyl. They are perfect for cuddling with their soft doeskin body and bean bag weighted bottom.

Plan to visit Grandma with “Going to Grandma’s” doll. She is sleepover ready in her pink pantaloons that reveal her adorably plump ankles with hand painted toenails. Her curly pigtails are adorned with two little pink bows and her bright hazel eyes say she’s ready for a long adventure with you! And who would not want to take home “Cupcake”? She is dressed in a white knit top with a cupcake appliqué and mock turtleneck. Her knit pants feature a bright print of purple daisies like the ones on the ribbons in her hair! And who would not desire to get “Baby Kione”? Everyone is falling in love with her cute little face and dark coco skin that contrasts perfectly with her ivory ensemble. Her curly raven tendrils fall perfectly around her plump round cheeks and is wrapped gently with a white headband accented with a bow.

Paradise Galleries has been in the industry since May 1991 and is sure proud to always introduce the newest and high quality collectible dolls in the market. We have the best sculptors, designers, and doll artists in the field creating priceless African American dolls and other multicultural dolls, created either in baby soft vinyl or the finest porcelain. Paradise Galleries is proud to create the most uniquely hand-crafted dolls in the industry. We are keenly adept at capturing the beauty of each heritage that our dolls represent. We keep our shipping costs low and always have the best offers so we don’t break your budget. Paradise Galleries dolls are always competitively priced compared to those collectible dolls from other online stores which have the same or even inferior quality.

Visit our online gallery today and start shopping! If you have inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us at or call us at 800-673-6557 and a friendly doll representative will assist you.

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