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african american doll


African American Doll

Need a valuable African American doll? Come choose from beauties such as Baby Rihanna, Baby Kymberli or Destiny. We also have the African American Doll Isabella from the Tender Heart Girls Collection. In fact, we have the largest selection in the doll business. Our gallery also includes many other rare multi-cultural dolls. We have every Native American doll, Asian doll, Hispanic doll, and African American doll you could imagine. Like all Paradise dolls, these creations are hand-crafted by the top artists, sculptors, and designers in the industry. We live and breathe dolls and it shows through the priceless value of perfection of each doll. So if you need rare and valuable dolls and doll accessories, you are in the right place.

Multi-cultural dolls, especially those of collectible value, are hard to come by. This is why Paradise Galleries strives to maintain the largest selection on the market. We have dolls that are designed for both children and doll collectors. They are resilient and capture the beauty of each heritage they represent. Whether you need an African American doll or a Japanese doll, our gallery is the only place you will have to look.

Our world today is overwhelmingly connected and fast-paced. This makes dolls even more important. For centuries, dolls have never failed to bring joy and respite to those who own them. They have been cherished toys, collectibles, and have even represented deities in almost every culture. Paradise Galleries is proud to bring such meaningful heirlooms to doll lovers for affordable prices. We maintain a wide selection of dolls in order to guarantee that each of our visitors will find a doll that is tailored to their personality and preference. This includes typical dolls such as fashion dolls to rare finds such as an African American doll or even a unique real baby doll.

Regardless of what type of doll you desire, we aim to help you find what you are looking for. Come peruse our online gallery or feel free to call and talk to one of our customer service specialists. Each member of the Paradise Team is an avid doll collector and we are all passionate about each of our creations. We proudly guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with each of our products or we will happily provide you a full refund. However, we never have a guest that is less than delighted about their Paradise purchase.