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BJD Dolls for Sale


Are you looking for something new to add to your baby doll collection? Or perhaps you are looking for a very special kind of doll to be given to a loved one? If that is so, get our ball jointed dolls for sale. Many doll lovers and collectors are already getting their first or additional ball jointed dolls! But a really great and high quality ball jointed doll for sale is not easy to find and that is why Paradise Galleries is here to help you have one!

The leader in making the most remarkable and best baby dolls in the market, Paradise Galleries is so pleased to present you our collection of ball jointed dolls for sale to warm your heart and give you unending delight! Let your eyes feast now and choose among our well crafted and award winning ball jointed dolls to satisfy your heart.

Just truly heaven sent, Bundle of Joy is one little baby that is hard to forget! Once you lay your eyes on this sleeping little beauty, you will find her hard to resist! Closed, dreaming eyes with a slightly opened little mouth and a peaceful expression on this babies face complete the simply angelic and heavenly look. Costumed in pastel pink, teddy bear print two-piece jersey knit newborn nursery outfit with matching striped nursery beanie, she is adorably ready to sleep and be cuddled by you! This sweet Bundle of Joy is also an articulated baby, with ten amazing points of articulation! So you certainly can move and pose her in any way you want! This 2011 Doll of the Year winner might just be the most perfect ball jointed baby doll that you will ever have!

We also have the very adorable and sweet Oh Baby Ensemble! With her round blue eyes, silky soft brown hair and slightly opened sweet little mouth, she is the perfect portrait of innocence! Oh Baby Ensemble comes with so many different baby accessories that will let you enjoy playtime with her, including two adorable outfits, a matching cuddle cap, a magic baby bottle that empties when tipped onto the babies mouth, a pacifier, a pair of cute baby booties, a colorful soft fleece blanket, bib, diaper and a pretty satin hair bow! Oh Baby Ensemble is an articulated baby as well with ten points of articulation that let you do so many different poses by moving the torso and the arms! Playtime is guaranteed big fun with Oh Baby Ensemble!

Our Paradise Galleries ball jointed dolls for sale are not only realistic and well crafted but they are also very affordable with the great quality, fit for much higher priced dolls! So what are you waiting for? Come and choose your very own ball jointed baby doll now!