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18 Inch Doll Ava18 Inch Doll Ava
Ava Ready for Run [Visit Product Page]
    18 Inch Doll Lily18 Inch Doll Lily
Lily Ready for Run [Visit Product Page]
    18 Inch Doll Abigail18 Inch Doll Abigail
Abigail Ready for Run [Visit Product Page]
    18 Inch Doll Emily18 Inch Doll Emily
Emily Ready for Run
    18 Inch Doll Clothes18 Inch Doll Clothes
Cupcake Outfit [Visit Product Page]

Looking for good quality and affordable 18 inch doll and outfits so you can change them! Well, you are in the right place. Paradise Galleries is excited to present to you, the Adora 4-Ever Friends®. These are 18 Inch Dolls that are of the most excellent quality, and a great alternative to the American Girl® doll. The Adora 4-Ever Friends is are new pretty dolls full of fun and charm that will surely get everyones attention, especially the young girls. These dolls are not just another collection of 18 inch dolls but they are one of a kind dolls that will take every doll lovers’ breath away, these adorable, angel faced gals are "Ready For Fun" in their pink and white striped, soft jersey knit, hooded t-shirt... the perfect way to top off their cool distressed denim stretch jeans and adorable pink canvas tennis shoes. Fashion fun and ready to play all day!

Each is an 18" expressive vinyl play doll with "sleep" eyes that close when you lay her down to rest, durable vinyl legs, arms, shoulder plate and head secured on a cuddly soft body. Each is completely posable, articulated at the neck, arms and.

This jolly collection includes the gentle faced brunette ‘Emily’, the breathtaking black haired dolls ‘Lily’ and ‘Ava’, pretty blonde ‘Chloe’, adorable African American ‘Madison’ and don’t forget caramel haired cutie ‘Abigail’! They do not only boast of sweet doe eyes, plump, blushed cheeks and long, silky locks, they also have great sense of fashion! Dress them up with outfits ranging from classic, preppie to modern ones, like ‘Fall Fusion’ which consists of a pretty double breasted bright pink coat, plaid mini skirt, pink flats and coordinating orange scarf, pink plaid bag, bonnet and tights that make up this cheerful ensemble!

For a stunning day outfit, ‘Ohh La La’ ensemble is the choice for you! Black printed dress with cute but edgy blue ruffles; blue jacket and black beret are only some of the pretty things that make up this classic outfit. For a luxurious but relaxed feel, the ‘Bohemian Blush’ outfit is perfect for your little girl! We also have ‘Perfectly Pink Punk’, ‘Ice Scream’ and the sunny ‘Happy Face’ outfits all in different styles to fit everyone’s taste!

But wait! Our 18 inch delight doesn’t end with Adora 4-Ever Friends dolls, for we also have 18 inch dolls on Sale! Paradise Galleries very own Tender Heart Girls Collection. Checkout ‘Emma’, ‘Sophia’, ‘Olivia’, ‘Isabella’ and ‘Maria’, all dressed either as a Junior Girl Scout or a Girl Scout Brownie. Browse now for more selections of these adorable 18 inch dolls.


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