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18 Inch Dolls for Girls

18 Inch Doll Ava18 Inch Doll Ava
Ava Ready for Run [Visit Product Page]
    18 Inch Doll Chloe18 Inch Doll Chloe
Chloe Ready for Run [Visit Product Page]
    18 Inch Doll Lily18 Inch Doll Lily
Lily Ready for Run [Visit Product Page]
    18 Inch Doll Abigail18 Inch Doll Abigail
Abigail Ready for Run [Visit Product Page]
    18 Inch Doll Emily18 Inch Doll Emily
Emily Ready for Run [Visit Product Page]

Are you looking for something to give to your little girls? Have you already given them such small dolls over and over again? Why not give them something bigger today? As the saying goes, the bigger, the better! So why not come and get your sweet girlies some pretty 18 inch dolls?

You should look no further now because we have just anything that you are looking for and we have our doll lovers just like you to help you choose and decide! Paradise Galleries have hundreds of choices for you and this includes some 18 inch dolls for your little girls to enjoy. Because girls love playing and imitating mother’s babysitting, you can give your little girl a much bigger doll to be her very own baby and playmate! Do you not think it is about time you change her baby dolls to toddler dolls that is just like her? If you do think so, it is now time to marvel with Paradise dolls!

Let yourself be charmed with our sweet, pretty and blushing toddler dolls that are 18 inch big! A fine sample is our very own, “tween oriented” Tender Heart collection. Meet Sophia, a Tender Heart girl with a long and silky blonde hair and a pair of expressive blue eyes. She is dressed in light blue leggings with a ¾ length hot pink shirt that is topped off with a cropped denim jacket! The triple heart appliqué on the jacket lets us know that she’s definitely a Tender Heart Girl. Sophia comes with a puppy plush friend that she will surely take care!

There is also Emma, another Tender Heart girl that is 18 inch long. She is a brown haired, brown eyed beauty dressed casually and adorable in olive and lime green striped shirt with 3/4 sleeves with an embroidered orange heart and trimmed with colorful flowers and denim jeans. Her hair is adorned with a yellow and red headband. She also comes with the perfect puppy.

We also have Isabella and Olivia, two more Tender Heart girls! Isabella is a little beauty with a soft and curly black hair and happy brown eyes. The very sweet smile on her lips will surely charm anyone who will see her. Isabella is endearing in her playtime clothes that are a pink striped long sleeved shirt with a hot pink overlay and sparkly fabric heart appliqué and there is also Olivia, a little darling with a silky black hair that is made even cuter by her bangs! She is costumed in an adorable ensemble of denim wrap-around skirt complete with red leggings and paired with a jersey-knit top embroidered with a red-winged heart.

All Tender Heart girls come with their very own puppies for free. They are 18 inch tall and crafted in our very own Caressalyn™ vinyl that we are so proud of because no one in the market could equal the good quality of our materials but the prices are just right and affordable. So what are you waiting for? Make the fun bigger with Paradise Galleries 18 inch dolls for your girls now!